Art Exchange Program

Malaysia- INDIA

M-INDIA 2017

Malaysia- INDIA Art Exchange Program 

Program objectives

• Artists and writers can be an approach between urban and rural areas around India. • Various artists the opportunity to record, master the art of portrait sketches of the

faces of local residents org.

• Similar to the approach and guidance by sharing knowledge of art for the canal.

• All involved can share and exchange Recipe Taste between participants and host.

• Various artists the opportunity to feel and empathize with local cultural environment.

• Showcasing the work of visual art in the form of 2D and 3D artists touch after joining the program.

• Promote visitors and tourists through visual art exhibitions and attractive to collectors of paintings.

• Proving the work of local artists on a par with professional artists .

  1. Project Description

Creating Color through the arts

The Colorful of Malaysia And India 2017 (MIND 2017) program is an initiative designed to build camaraderie through the arts build a platform to support local artists and create awareness about

the culture of participating countries; and create a solid network of artists which advocates art as a tool for community development, participation and cultural diplomacy.

The program is based on the concept of reciprocity per as participating groups/countries. It is a 7 day exchange program that shall showcase the beauty and art landscape of the participating countries. It is designed for artists from Malaysia and India to mélange creativity and infuse the cultural experiences into their art works. The participating artists from Malaysia will be housed at Art Pivot Organization in Udaipur. There will be activities to showcase Rajasthan tourism and artistry wherein participating Malaysian artists must create inspiration from for their artworks.

Project Implementation: March 18-March 23, 2017 (India Host Malaysian Artist in Udaipur, India) Nov 25 - Nov 30, 2017 (Malaysia Host India Artist in Shah Alam,

Malaysia) Time Frame: 6-7 days

  1. Background of Participating Organizations
  2. Art Pivot Organization

Founded by one of the most prominent artists in UdaipurIndia, Mr. Rajesh Yadav has been honing the skills of budding artists for many years, nurtures artistic groups in the country, harmonizing talents with communities to create awareness on how art can be use as a tool for social capitalization.

The Art Pivot organization, to deliver an art workshop in Udaipur and Art House represents various artists in the Udaipur Rajasthan. It is located in Aravali Hills and a number of spots in Udaipur, the lake city of RajashtanIndia. The Municipality itself has also been a supporter of the art and uses it in crafting the development policies in the municipality. It welcomes artists, art enthusiasts and tourists to see India artistry at its finest and experience world class hospitality.

For more information:

  1. Gallery Shah Alam (Selangor,Malaysia) Productivity and creativity through visual arts

Galeri Shah Alam history.

In chronology it opened at 26 in January 1991, originally under the administration of Selangor Art Foundation until early 1999 and is now temporarily closed for renovations. Inside The authors have identified a variety of study of various aspects of development of Shah Alam Gallery. This includes identifying the location of the gallery building whether he will remain with the architecture or not, identifying

Artist :-

  1. A. Zaki Hadri (Semi-Abstract)
  2. Iszuan Ismail (Abstract)
  3. Jamal Tommy (realism-Watercolor)
  4. Syarulniza (Contemporary)
  5. Irwan Idris(Contemporary