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FACE TO FACE  FACE TO FACE : INDIA                    
          INDIA             LOVE TO ALL… LOVE TO ART  2017-18                                                                                27 – 30 September 2017 global art exhibition
                                                                                                                                                              26 – 31 January 2018 international art workshop
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Supported by:  Dear Artist friend from around the world....

Greetings from Face to Face: INDIA!
 We are honored to invite you to our upcoming Face to Face INDIA 2017- 18 in Udaipur , Rajasthan, India.
 Event : Face to Face , India 2017-18
Venue: Jawahar kala kendra , jaipur , Rajasthan , INDIA ( global art exhibition )       Bagore  ki haveli,  , Udaipur , Rajesthan , India ( exhibition / art workshop
 Organizer: THE ART PIVOT, a centre for contemporary art and ideas.
Terms and conditions:
Part I
Entry Requirement
1. Artists are required to submit two (2) paintings; one (1) painting will be selected by the Art pivot and contributed to the founder of world art migration program, paintings will be displayed in the exhibition.
2. Artists are required to submit all paintings upon confirmation of participation.
3. Artists are required to submit all their paintings that are relevant to the theme of love to all,… love to art .
4. Any artworks that include anti-government or against religion will be rejected by the Organizer. Organizer is not responsible to bear the cost to transport the rejected artworks to the artists 
5. Refer to Terms & Conditions (attached) in the Invitation by face to face INDIA to selected artists.
6. The art work must be original like painting, drawing, relief art work, sculpture, photography, and design and art installations.
7. The work must be in size 1x 1 feet (12 x 12 inches).
8. The last date of submission of art works  along with CV , artists statement , picture of artist , picture of art works with size 5x8 inches till 15th September.
9. All the documents and art work must be submitted in hard copy along with application form of face to face: INDIA  at the address :
The Art pivot 
215 , A- Block, chitrakut Nagar, Bhuwana,
Udaipur, Rajasthan, India 313001
Contact: +918107499313
Website :
```````Part II
1 After the global art exhibition the organizer will select 15 best artists in different medium they will invited to attend face to face international art workshop which is to be held in January 26 to 31. 
2 Invitations of confirmed artists will be sent after global art exhibition individually.
FACE TO FACE: INDIA 2017-18 is looking forward for your participation and your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

World art migration program, INDIA



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