The Art Pivot

Art education has always been a contested area . I think art education can imbue in young people a sense of satisfaction that comes from working to create something, the ability to use and understand language effectively, and a profound sense of the values that permit life to go .

A visual art curriculum might seek , therefore, to develop skills in and experience of , a range of art techniques and processes using line , color, texture and form.
The Art Pivot is an institution which guides students and help them pursue their career in the field of art.
World Art Migration program is our main motto in which we exchange art ideas. Students are sent abroad and artists, designers and students from abroad come to india and this way we set students to grow and share their culture with other cultures.

Regular workshops are also conducted in which water colour painting, photography, terracotta , mural , public art etc are conducted.

Also , we prepare children for entrance in abroad universities and Indian art institutes like NIFT , NID, Pearl , NATA etc .




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